2018 The WSC India project is featured in the British Chiropractic Association journal

2016 The WSC yoga project is featured in the Elephant Journal

2016 The WSC Botswana clinic is featured as a practice model by the World Health Organization on the Integrated Care for People website

2016 The WSC spine care conference in Mahalapye, Botswana is featured in the World Federation of Chiropractic Quarterly report

2015 British Chiropractic Association article about World Spine Care in “Contact” Winter 2015

2015 Florida Chiropractic Association article about the Global Spine Care Initiative

2015 New Zealand Chiropractic Association article by volunteer Dr. Roisin Durcan

2015 Ontario Chiropractic Association article on Cultural Immersion featuring many WSC volunteers

2014 European Chiropractic Union “Back Space” article by WSC volunteer Dr. Rosemary Oman

2014 Botswana “Daily News” article about the Botswana WSC clinics

2014 World Spine Care is featured in Canadian Chiropractor

2013 Canadian Chiropractic Association “Back Matters” article about WSC

2012 North American Spine Society “Spineline” article about WSC

2012 American Chiropractic Association: ACA News article about WSC

2011 Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College: “Primary Contact” article about WSC


2018 DC2BeRevolution with Dr. Stephen Laski, previous clinic supervisor of the Moca, Dominican Republic clinic: DC2Be Rev YouTube

2018 CCGI Podcast with Dr. Scott Haldeman: CCGI Podcast Episode 15

2018 icarechirocast with Dr. Scott Haldeman and Jan Hartvigsen: icarechirocast Episode 3

2015 Chiropractic Science Podcast with Dr. Scott Haldeman: Pioneering and Contemporary Chiropractic Science

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2015 Mechanical Care Podcast with Dr. Scott Haldeman: Part 2 – Evidence-based, multidisciplinary and tempered with humility.

2015 Exploring Chiropractic Podcast with Dr. Geoff Outerbridge: World Spine Care.



2011 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio interview with Dr. Geoff Outerbridge


2015 Dr. Scott Haldeman receives the “Distinguished Service” award from the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health of the Bone and Joint Decade:  (an initiative of the World Health Organization).