“Work a Day for World Spine Care” Challenge

You know how good it feels to make a difference in someone’s life. You see it every day in your practice when a patient looks at you with gratitude in their eyes. There is an opportunity to duplicate that feeling by becoming part of Work a Day for World Spine Care.

World Spine Care (WSC) is an organization of volunteers that works to improve the lives of persons with spine pain who live in under served communities around the globe. It is the brain child of Dr. Scott Haldeman. In his extensive travels around the world he saw many places where people had no access to appropriate spine care. He could see the impact on their lives which was sometimes catastrophic and he decided to do something about it – and World Spine Care was born. Since 2008 it has grown and now has:

    • Developed clinics in Botswana, Dominican Republic, Ghana, and India


    • Been recognized by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the WSC model of care is considered a promising practice.


    • Developed tuition-free scholarships for students from underserved countries to attend chiropractic programs in North America and Europe


  • Developed opportunities for fellows to study at prestigious institutions around the world

How can you help?

Join your colleagues and Work A Day for World Spine Care. The “Work a Day” Challenge involves donating either a day’s or a half day’s proceeds to World Spine Care. With your help we can improve our clinics, create partnerships, collaborations, and training and education opportunities in under-serviced areas of the world.

If you are interested in participating, download the packet below. It includes posters that can be posted online or placed in your office, printable brochures, image consent forms, and a press release that can be sent to local news agencies.

Past participants have worked with local media, created videos, and posted images of their participation in “Work a Day”.

We encourage the use of social media. Please take photos during the activities and at the end of the day share them with us, along with permission to post on Facebook, Twitter, and our website. Please use the image consent form in your packet.

We also encourage you to involve your patients in joining in on your efforts to support World Spine Care and “Work a Day” by also making a donation.

The funds that you raise can be donated through the donation page on the WSC website.

If you would like to participate in the “Work A Day for World Spine Care” challenge, please contact us at info@worldspinecare.org and download any of the following:


World Spine Care Work A Day Challenge Packet (ZIP Archive)

WSC Vision Statement Posters that can also be printed and posted in treatment rooms, etc.