The EUROSPINE Annual Meeting will be held 16-18 October, 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. World Spine Care representatives will participate in scientific sessions to promote our mission to improve lives in underserved communities through sustainable, integrated, evidence based, spine care. The research and presentations offered at the EUROSPINE Annual Meeting are a critical component to understanding the impact, prevention, and treatment of spine disorders worldwide.

Margareta Nordin Dr.Med.Sci., PT, Past President of World Spine Care Europe says, “EUROSPINE is the fastest growing professional spine association in Europe, with more than 8,000 members including physicians, surgeons, basic scientists, clinical researchers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, psychologists and others. EUROSPINE is dedicated to bring the best and the  latest research and evidence practice to its members and beyond.”

Visit our booth in the Spine Village exhibition hall to speak with World Spine Care representatives who can share more about volunteer opportunities in underserved communities and how your donations make an impact on the global burden of spine-related disability.

“As always we will have an excellent scientific meeting with participants from all over the globe to exchange ideas, research and new skills. I am already looking forward to this exciting event and venue,” says EUROSPINE President, Tim Pigott.

Local hosts, Teija Lund and Dietrich Schlenzka, believe that “the EUROSPINE Annual Meeting in Helsinki will no doubt be the scientific highlight for 2019 for all professionals interested in the treatment and research of spine conditions. In addition to an exciting scientific program, the meeting will provide us with ample opportunities to meet colleagues from around the world to share knowledge and experiences.”

Registration is now open at the EUROSPINE website. Early bird registration runs through 25 June, 2019.


EUROSPINE and the EUROSPINE Foundation are endorsing professional associations of World Spine Care.

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